It is its own brand using a natural material of tableware and store general tools.
I am allowed to introduce widely for in and outside the country Mr. a hotel restaurant and / food-service-industry.

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Spirit of nature



Serve our customers,quest for unlimited possibilites of natural materials, and develop new technique of craft-making ceaselessly. Friendly to people, not harmful to nature.
We design our products,exploiting those characteristic of natural materials. Have a lot our natural products,and you can lead a pleasant existence.

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Takebito sports

私どもは、竹を利用しフライ・ルアー用のバンブーロットや野球バット、ゴルフ練習用クラブの開発を行っております。 自然界よりもたらされたマテリアルは最高のクオリティーや使う側に親しみを与えてくれます。

We use a bamboo and are performing development of the bamboo lot for fly lure, and baseball Butt and the club for golf practice.
The material brought about from the nature gives familiarity to the highest quality and the side to be used.

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