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Hot Springs

Beppu Hotspring

Beppu city is famous for its rich variety of hot springs. More than 20 different types of hot springs attract tourists from all over the world. You have the greatest opportunity to find the special hot spring containing minerals and nutrients, which soothe your skin and keep your body healthy. Detailed information is in Japanese language. In order to receive information in English, please, contact us >> info@yamashita-kogei.com

International University

Beppu APU

Beppu city is well-known not only for the healing power of its hot springs but also because of the unique international university located here, with a unique multicultural studying environment.(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) gathers students from more than 88 countries.

Business and social science majors, which students acquire in the multicultural environment, give them the advantage of strong competitiveness when finding employment in many global prestigious companies.

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Freshest Seafood

Beppu Food

In Beppu city you are able to find not only original tastes of famous Japanese food, such as, Karaage, Toriten, Ryukyu, but also the most fresh and delicious seafood in Japan.

Beppu food

Beppu city belongs to Oita prefecture, well known for its variety of seafood. If you consider yourself a gourmet-hunter or if you fond of delicacies of fresh fish, here is your chance to enjoy sushi and sashimi in various restaurants, izakaya and fish shops.

You can find more detailed information about the culinary culture in Beppu city. Moreover, you can contact us >> info@yamashita-kogei.com


Beppu Sea

Beppu city is one of the cities surrounded by ocean and mountains.

If you love nature, you will be amazed by the constantly changing ocean view due to the fast changing weather in Oita prefecture. You will find great pleasure to contemplate the ocean depths every day.


Beppu Mountains

The beauty of Beppu’s mountains is incomparable. In the spring, you can find it coloured pink since they are dotted with cherry blossom flowers (sakura). In fall the colours’ rage is staggering.

If you consider to go to the mountains, be prepared to find pleasant surprises, such as serpentine mountain roads, mountain mud hot springs and the nearby tourist city - Yufuin.


Beppu Festivals

Festivals, holidays and fireworks are the integral parts of Beppu’s life.

You may find it useful to check on the festival and events calendar while you plan the trip to Beppu city. Do not miss a chance to experience local life and holiday’s atmosphere during your trip to this Japanese town.


Beppu Hotels

Beppu is full of hotels, guest houses and traditional hotels (ryokan). Spend time in Beppu with comfort.

Beppu Ryokan